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This website, is a The Support Platform (“Platform”) site with subscription content reserved for clients who have purchased access. Payment for access is required to subscription content is required. Unauthorized access or use is prohibited. Platform is not responsible for Platform content or any consequences of the use application and/or reliance of any Platform content. User holds harmless Platform for the use of Platform practice support site content.

The following applies to the terms of service and use of this website, including.

  • Payment for Platform access is paid monthly, starting on the date Platform access is purchased.
  • Platform access renews monthly.
  • Platform access must be cancelled in advance of renewal.
  • Once site payment is executed, no refunds will be provided, even if users do not access Platform.

Platform reserves the right to refuse Platform access at their sole discretion, including but not limited to third-party practice management companies. Sharing Platform content and/or access is grounds for immediate termination of the Platform access, (with no refunds given).

Platform content is purchased on an “as is” basis. Platform may experience unplanned outages and downtime for maintenance. Additional content shall be provided at the sole discretion of Platform. Existing Platform content may be added, altered or removed at any time. The sole remedy of dissatisfaction with Platform content and content changes is cancellation of Platform access.

Platform access may be discontinued at any time with no further payments accepted. Platform may change the price of Platform access to be effective on sign up or renewal, with notice given to renewing clients at least ten (10) days in advance.

Practice Review, Business Plan and Consulting require the execution of an e3Business Consulting Agreement.

The laws of the state of Nevada shall govern an disputes or issues related to all relationships with Platform, the construction of the terms used and the interpretation of the rights and duties of the parties hereto.