This page shows the main pages of The Support Platform (TSP) and their content to provide prospective subscribers or partners an idea of the scope of information and how TSP may be utilized.

Main Page

There are six main sections of TSP. They are:

  1. Free Resources.
  2. Guidance.
  3. Referrals.
  4. The Support Platform Info.
  5. Subscriptions.
  6. Subscriber Support/Terms.

Section 1: Free Resources

There are three types of Free Resources:

  • Posts
  • Ask a Question
  • Reading

The Free Resource section is designed to keep non-subscribers engaged by offering them limited access to specific information. Users can read posts that identify important practice management issues, (while referring to subscriber content to address those issues). Users can also submit a practice management question that may or may not be answered in future posts. The Reading section provides sites with relevant practice management content.

Section 2: Guidance*

The Guidance section provides practice management information for subscribers, divided into six sections:

  • The Market
  • Managing a Practice
  • Practice Changes
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Compliance
  • Ancillaries

Topics under each Guidance section include:

  • The Market: Case Studies and Competition, General Information.
  • Managing a Practice: Practice Models, Practices Types by Focus, Medical Practice Systems Overview, Medical Practice Model Economics 101, Private Membership Associations, Choosing an EMR, Roles and Responsibilities Chart, Chain Management, Walkabouts, Telemedicine, Problem Reporting, Monthly Productivity Tracking Sheet, Annual Performance Spreadsheet, Cockpits/Dashboards, General Office Forms.
  • Practice Changes: Launching a New Practice, Joining a Practice or Adding Providers, Exiting a Practice.
  • Medical Malpractice: Medical Malpractice Overview, Malpractice Tips for I&FM Providers, Medical Malpractice Q&A: Thirty Questions, Articles on Medical Malpractice.
  • Compliance: Regulatory Issues, Opting out of Medicare & Moonlighting, Fraud and Abuse Laws, Common Elements of an ABN Form, Online Training/CEUs, Selling Supplements, Laboratory Compliance.
  • Ancillaries: Types of Ancillaries, Criteria for Ancillaries, Ancillary Return on Investment.

Section 3: Referrals*

Vendor Referrals and Vendor Service Lists are provided under the Referral section.

  • Vendor Referrals are a list of preferred vendors for medical malpractice, recruiting, EHR, credentialing, healthcare payment processing and new practice services.
  • Vendor Service Lists are a list of vendors grouped by topics, including:
    • Electronic Medical Records Vendors
    • Practice Management Vendors
    • Practice Consultants

Section 4: The Support Platform Information

The Support Platform (TSP) Section includes information about the development of TSP and the services available directly from TSP, including Practice Review, Business Plan and Consulting Hours.

Section 5: Subscriptions

The Subscriptions section compares subscription tiers and offers scenarios of cost and services available. Users may purchase subscriptions in this section.

Section 6: Subscriber Support/Terms

Subscriber Support and Terms are always available in the right column, allowing subscribers to view account information, contact admin, rest password and view the Terms of Use, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

*Subscription required