FMEC Platform

e3Business supports Functional Medicine Energy Center in promoting the FMEC Platform for inclusion on a Functional Medicine Program model supporting integrative, holistic and functional medicine providers. The FMEC Platform can be implemented in almost any practice model to provide additional services and to generate additional revenue.

Interested providers can use the below spreadsheet to calculate projected first and second year income based on three factors: 1) The monthly fee charged by providers to patients for access the FM Program; 2) The anticipated number of patients added each month to the FM Program and; 3) The maximum number of patients accepted to the FM Program. By entering these variables in the red squares below, the projected first and second year revenue is calculated. This is the net amount received by the provider, after processing and FMEC fees. Please note that this spreadsheet may not work on certain operating systems/devices.

For independent providers and practices looking to improve revenue, the FMEC Platform offers a turn-key opportunity to start generating income in as little as four weeks with minimal upfront cost.