Potential Penalties

Type of ViolationPotential Penalties
Anti-Kickback StatuteUp to $25k per violation criminal penalty
Up to five year prison term per violation
False Claims Act liability
Up to $50k per violation civil penalty
Up to 3x recoupment of kickback amount
Exclusion from government programs
Stark LawRepayment of payments
Fales Claims Act liability
Up to $15k for each service civil penalty
Additional penalties for known violations
Exclusion from government programs
False Claims ActUp to 3x claimed amount
Up to $20k per claim
Exclusion from government programs
Fair Labor Standards ActUp to $10k per employee plus state penalties
Worker’s CompVaries by state; New Jersey is $10k or 18 months in prison
OSHAUp to $13,653 per violation or per day
Additional penalties for serious/repeat offenders
CLIASuspension or revocation of lab certificate
Suspension of Medicare payments
Up to $10k per day of violation or per day