Web Accessibility Litigation

Key Points about Web Accessibility

Why are web accessibility lawsuits becoming such a threat? It’s a combination of factors:

  1. Most websites (90%) don’t meet accessibility standards, with many domain owners unaware whether or not web accessibility applies to them or not.
  2. A few lawyers representing some of the same plaintiffs send demand letters to settle with non-compliant sites.
  3. Web accessibility demand letters are profitable business to these lawyers the lawyers who send them; litigation costs result in 90 percent of web accessibility lawsuits settling.

Basic steps to avoid web accessibility issues:

  1. Use a free scanner to check for web accessibility issues.
  2. Based on the results of the scan, install a widget to improve web accessibility and rescan the site.
  3. On a monthly basis, save the accessibility reports.
  4. If necessary, pay a web developer or web accessibility company to manual mitigate the site.
  5. While no site is 100% web compliant 100% of the time, improving web accessibility and being able to demonstrates the steps taken to pursue web compliance are important steps to counter a web accessibility demand letter.